Permanent Makeup

Introducing Permanent Make Up by Stacy; specializing in permanent cosmetic makeup application to enhance your natural beauty. more applying makeup throughout the day. Permanent Makeup gives you the freedom and convenience to do all the activities you love without the worry of smeared or smudged makeup!


People who benefit from permanent cosmetic makeup are people with limited mobility or eyesight; people who have unsteady hands or are physically challenged; people with thin or sparse eyelashes or eyebrows; people with make up allergies; people who have permanent hair loss; people who have Alopecia, Cancer, Scars, Hyper or Hypo-Pigmentation; people who have asymmetrical facial features; people who want to camouflage scars; people who lead an active lifestyle or people who just want to look their best all the time!

Procedures can take between 1 – 3 ½ hours depending on the number of colors being applied and the individual. You can enjoy hassle-free makeup every day without having to apply it every day.


Expression, mood and age are conveyed by the shape and fullness of your brows. Permanent eyebrows are perfect for people with asymmetrical brows, sparse or thinning brows, or people with alopecia. Pigment can be selected to match hair and skin tone.


Wake up every morning with a dash of color and definition to your eyes. Permanent eyeliner is the most popular permanent makeup tattoo procedure. Liner can be applied thinly for a natural look or thicker for a more dramatic look!


Eyeshadow can enhance your eyes and appearance. If your eyes are uneven, eyeshadow can create an asymmetrical look and even out the appearance of your eyes. Eyeshadow is also a great way to cover any scars that you may have by your eyes. Colors can be soft or subtle and can be applied onto the eyelid only or applied all the way to the brow. There are several colors to choose from and they can be mixed to create your own desired look. You can also choose more than one color to be applied to the eyelid.



No more smudged lipstick with permanent cosmetics! Pigment can be mixed to match your favorite lip color. Conventional lipstick can be worn over your lip color to give a different look.