The loss of skin color, or lack of pigmentation, can occur from burns, accidents, medical procedures, skin diseases or abnormalities. A person’s appearance is directly related to their self-esteem. Imperfections affect the way we see ourselves and it can affect our confidence as well. Scar or skin camouflage is the technique of tattooing flesh tone pigments into the skin to conceal, minimize or disguise an area of concern.

Scar camouflage can be done on a scar that is at least one year old. The scar must be stable in color, cream or white in appearance, not red or pink, as that can be an indicator of the skin still in its healing process. The scar must be relatively flat and smooth with no dark edges for the technique to be effective. 


Dark edges around a scar should not be tattooed. This type of skin/scar coloring is called Hyper-pigmentation and if tattooed, it could make the dark border “darker” in color and cause it to become “wider” or “spread” in appearance as well. People who suffer from Keloid scarring are not good candidates for this procedure because the scars are raised, thick and dark in appearance. Dark birthmarks, age spots, spider veins, dark circles under the eyes, vitiligo (not in remission) and freckles are not suitable for this procedure as well.   

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Scars & Conditions NOT SUITED for this service: